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National AACCI Research Papers 2018-2019

Aurangabad | Sep 8-9, 2018
2nd Prize Study of pattern of food habits & physical activity in school going adolescents of urban Pune in western India- A Pilot study

Oral Paper : Dr. Avula Sahiti Reddy,Dr.Shailaja Mane ,Dr.Swati Bhave,Dr.Sharad Agarkhedkar

Pune | Dec 8, 2018
2nd Prize Do Adolescents with Good self esteem also have good Self efficacy?

Oral Paper : Dr.Sindhura, Prof Dr Swati Y Bhave, Dr.Shailaja Mane et al.

New Delhi | Dec 5, 2018
2nd Prize Prevention of Obesity and Adult NCDs– Promoting physical activity and Healthy food behaviour in Children

Oral Paper : Prof Dr Swati Y Bhave, Dr Latika Bhalla, * Yashwant Bhave

Nagpur, Maharashtra | Jan 6, 2018
Dr Swati Y Bhave received a Life time Achievement Award by the IAP research in Chid Health Group on 6th January at the Annual conference of IAP - Pedicon 2018 in Nagpur during the symposium if the IAP Research in Child health . This award has been started 3 years ago. It is given to a person of eminence who has made significant contributions to improvement in life of children through research in different aspects of child health. The Award consist of a plauque given after an oration delivered by the Awardee. The theme of the oration was Life style disease prevention (NCD) using Life skills approach
Chandigarh | Oct 26-29, 2017
International Association of Adolescent health - 11th World congress
International Association of Adolescent health - 11th World congress

Dr Swati Y Bhave was felicitated for her work for 8 years as Regional Vice President of South East Asia and Middle east of IAAH ( International Association of Adolescent health at the the World congress of IAAH held in New Delhi India from 26th -29th October 2017

Khajuraho | Oct 13-15, 2017
Second prize in poster presentation

Dr Sunita Manchanda, Dr Swati.Y.Bhave

Assessment of self esteem in school children., Adolescent Health
Bangalore | Jan 18-22, 2017
First Prize
Indian Academy of Pediatrics


Ludhiana | Nov 14-15, 2014
First Prize Pattern of adolescent’s aggressive behavior, beliefs and attitudes toward violence in school children: A threat to our peers.

Oral presentation : Dr Latika Bhalla, Dr Swati Y Bhave, Dr Pradip Kharya, Sunita Manchanda

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Second Prize Comparison of aggression in school children of two schools from New Delhi

Oral presentation : Dr Sunita Manchanda, Dr Swati.Y. Bhave, Dr Pradip Karya, Dr Latika Bhalla

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Pune, Maharashtra | Nov, 2013
Second Prize

Dr Surekha Joshi, Dr Swati Y Bhave, Dr Tanu Anand

First Prize

Dr. Arti Raghuvanshi, Dr. Swati Y Bhave, Tanu Anand Sunita Manchanda, Surekha Joshi

Second Prize

Dr Tanu Anand, Dr Swati Y Bhave, Dr Pallavi Bora, Dr Sangeeta Yadav


Gurgaon Haryana | Nov, 2010
Second Prize

Dr Swati Y Bhave, Dr Sujata Kanhere, Dr Surekha Joshi, Dr Sangeeta Yadav, Dr Sharad Agarkhedkar, Dr Shailja Mane

Third Prize

Dr Anjalii Saxena, Dr. Swati Bhave, Dr Sunil Saini , Dr. Anuradha Sovani , Dr Alka Saxena,Divya Santhanam

First Prize

Dr Swati Y Bhave, Sujata Kanhere, Surekha Joshi, Sangeeta Yadav, Sharad Agarkhedkar, Shailja Mane

Second Prize

Dr. TS Jain, Dr Swati Bhave, Dr SW Chorghade ,Dr Rajeev Mohta Dr Jitender Nagpal, Dr SW Kulkarni

Third Prize

Dr R G Patil , Dr Swati Bhave, Dr. Anuradha Sovani, Dr Surekha Joshi Swetha V, Dr Jitender Nagpal