"International AACCI Research Papers 2010-2011"

International AACCI Research Papers for 2010-2011

RGNIYD Sriperumdur Chennai | Dec 8-10, 2010
Oral Presentation
  1. Training methodologies in LSE in college students Authors : Dr Swati Y Bhave Theme : Invited paper in plenary session.
  2. Use of LSE workshops to screen the mental and physical status of participants for personal counseling and intervention strategies. Authors : Dr Shirish Nagare, Dr Swati Bhave, Dr Surekha Joshi , Dr Anuradha Sovani Theme : T4 LSE in health education
  3. Young people in pg professional courses will also benefit from LSE programs - experience of engineering students from hyderabad Authors : Dr Surekha Joshi , Dr Swati Bhave , Praveen Garimella , Dr Anuradha Sovani, Padmaja N , Dr Sunil Saini Theme : T2 professional /adult education
  4. Impact of life skill education workshops on medical students. Authors : Dr. Shailaja Mane, Dr. Swati Y Bhave. Dr. Sharad Agarkhedkar, Dr. Surekha Joshi Theme : T1 LSE for College and University education
  5. Experience of doing setting up a life skill education project for first year medical students in pune. Authors : Dr. Sharad Agarkhedkar, Dr. Swati Y Bhave, Dr. Shailaja Mane Theme : T2 Professional Education
  6. Life skill education for slum children a CIBS - aacci project Authors : Dr S W Chorghade, Dr Swati Y Bhave, Dr. Shailesh Pangaonkar, Dr Deepali Pangaonkar, Dr SW Kulkarni Theme : T4 Life skills for inclusive education
  7. Life skill education for specially challenged children- a CIBS - aacci project Authors : Dr. Shailesh Pangaonkar Dr Swati Y Bhave Dr Deepali Pangaonkar, Dr SW Chorghade Theme : T4 Life skills for inclusive education
  8. Experience of conducting LSE workshops for teacher training expressions india and aacci Authors : Dr Jitender Nagpal, Dr Swati Bhave