"International AACCI Research Papers 2013-2014"

International AACCI Research Papers for 2013-2014

Melbourne, Australia | August 24 - 29, 2013
  1. Gender and age comparision of aggressive behavior, aggressive beliefs and aggressive attitudes Authors : Dr Swati Y Bhave (Abstract: A-555-0006-01558)
  2. Co-relation between aggressive behavior, beliefs and attitudes in school children Authors : Dr Swati Y Bhave (Abstract: A-555-0017-01566)
Tturkey | June, 2013
The following papers from AACCI have been presented for paper presentation

All presented abstracts will be published in a special edition of the Turkish Archives of Pediatrics, the official scientific publication of Turkish Pediatrics Association, an indexed international peer-reviewed journal.

  1. Sexuality education in Schools and junior colleges in India - novel methods to overcome barriers from the parents and administration Authors : Dr Swati Y Bhave (Abstract: 0185)
  2. What teens want to know in Sexuality education? Results of the "Question box methodology "from teens in schools and colleges Authors : Dr Swati Y Bhave (Abstract: 0186)
  3. Examination Anxiety - assessment and strategies for intervention Authors : Dr. Bhave Swati Y Sovani Anuradha , Joshi Surekha , Swetha V (Abstract: 0223)
  4. Life skill education Programs for parents and teachers: empowering them to deal effectively with adolescents Authors : Dr Swati Y Bhave (Abstract: 0295)