"National AACCI Research Papers 2010-2011"

National AACCI Research Papers for 2010-2011

Jaipur, India | January 19-23, 2011
Poster presentation
  1. Multicentric life style analysis of adolescents and young people in college Authors : Dr. Swati Y Bhave, Dr.Shailaja Mane, Dr. Surekha Joshi, Dr. Sharad Agarkhedkar, Dr. Mohit Poddar , Dr Harish K. Pemde
  2. Multicentric study on use of electronic media in adolescents and youth in college Authors : Dr. Swati Y Bhave, Dr Harish H Pemde, Dr.Shailaja Mane, Dr. Surekha Joshi Dr. Sharad Agarkhedkar, Dr. Mohit Poddar
  3. Survey of smoking and alcohol indulgence in college adolescents in Mumbai and Delhi Authors : Dr. Sangeeta Yadav, Dr. Jugal Kishore, Dr. Swati Bhave, Dr. Tanu Anand: Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi : AACCI Association of Adolescent and child care in India. Mumbai
  4. Comparison of exam anxiety in ix std school children in two cities Authors : Dr. Swati Bhave , Dr Anjali Saxena, Dr Ashok Gupta, Dr Alka Saxena, Dr Raj Bhandari, Neera Mathur
  5. Assessment of stress in young people shows need of intervention programs that give coping skills Authors : Dr Sangeeta Yadava, Dr Swati Y Bhave, Dr Sharad Agarkhedkar, Dr Anuradha Sovani, Dr Shailaja Mane, Dr TS Jain
Gurgaon, Haryana | Nov, 2010
Oral Presentation
  1. Multicentric analysis of sleep habits of college students. Authors : Dr Swati Y Bhave, Dr Sujata Kanhere, Dr Surekha Joshi, Dr Sangeeta Yadav , Dr Sharad Agarkhedkar , Dr Shailja Mane.
  2. Comparison of ghq studies in school children Authors : Dr Anjalii Saxena, Dr. Swati Bhave, Dr Sunil Saini , Dr. Anuradha Sovani, Dr Alka Saxena, Divya Santhanam
  3. Peer pressure comparision of two schools in gurgaon Authors : Dr Mahavir Jain, Dr Anjali Saxena, Dr Swati Bhave, Dr Sunil Saini, Dr Alka Saxena, Neelam Goyal
  4. Preferred style of saying "No"- comparison of school and college students Authors : Dr R G Patil , Dr Swati Bhave, Dr. Anuradha Sovani, Dr Surekha Joshi Swetha V,, Dr Jitender Nagpal
  5. Preliminary clinical screening for obesity and metabolic syndrome in first year medical college students in pune Authors : Dr Shailaja Mane, Dr Swati Y Bhave, Dr S.R.Agarkhedkar, Dr Surekha Joshi, Dr Aliya Achara
  6. Anger expression in school and college students co-related with the family pattern Authors : Dr. TS Jain, , Dr Swati Bhave, Dr SW Chorghade ,Dr Rajeev Mohta Dr Jitender Nagpal, Dr SW Kulkarni
  7. Use of electronic media in first year medical college students from pune Authors : Dr S.Agarkhedkar, Dr Swati Y Bhave, Dr Shailja Mane, Surekha Joshi, Dr Preeti Arora