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  • Visiting Professor- Kalamazoo ,Western Michigan State University USA (2018, 2001)
  • Honorary Professor IMA (2017)
  • Fellowship from IAP( 2001)
  • Fellowship from AAP(2001)
  • Visiting Professor and Research Scholar- Massachusetts General Hospital ( MGH ) and Harvard Medical School Boston USA (1989-90)
  • 40 Years of clinical and teaching experience in various Medical colleges in Maharashtra and corporate hospitals in Mumbai Delhi and Pune
  • Various Training courses undergone : Abroad in diverse areas;
    • International Lactation Management Training (San Diego USA -1996)
    • Intensive Care (MGH Boston USA 1990)
    • Medical Informatics (MGH Boston, Harvard Medical School, USA: 1989-90).
    • Management of Children in Disasters (Cleveland USA -2001)
    • Diplomate of IPA WHO virtual University for Child & Environment health :2004
    • Adolescent Medicine (Kalamazoo, Michigan ,USA: 2001and 2008),

  • Gold medals and many awards and scholarships during UG and PG career
  • Awards for achievements in various fields :
    • IAP - Hon. Surg Cmde Late Shantilal C. Sheth Oration for year 2020.
    • IAP Kerala State branch – Shivdasa Memorial Annual Oration Nov 2019
    • IMA National Award for Woman empowerment 2018 started for the first time , New Delhi October 2018
    • HDCF National Dr Anil Jaju award for work done on Holistic development of adolescence through parents and teachers October 2018
    • HCFI – National Dr Rakesh Gupta award for the best philanthropic contribution in the field of a community health project, New Delhi Nov 2017.
    • IJCP Doctor of the year for Adolescent health, New Delhi 2011.
    • Indian Cancer society of India -Selected in 25 Women Achievers of the Year in Delhi 2004.
    • Lady pediatrician of the millennium by IAP (2000).
    • Best woman doctor by IMA, Patna (1997)
    • 19 Awards for Research (1986 to 2017)
  • Orations given: 1st Guru Dronacharya oration IAP Haryana (2002) D.B Shirole oration 2000 Dange oration Nagpur 1999. Dixit oration 1999.
  • Appreciation and recognitions certificates for work done: given by AAP, IPA and IAAH

  • Established many new activities: IAP Task force on Adolescent health (2000-05) , IAP PP quiz ( 1997-99), Made IAP UG Quiz free from Pharma sponsorship as General Secretary in 1996-97 .Started Computer group (1992) and Disaster management group(2004)
  • Chairperson ,National Coordinator ,Convener for a large no of IAP activities : e.g. PALS(1998-2000) , Finance(2000) ,Website (2000) ,Women’s Wing ( 2016-18)
  • Chief editor and coeditor for many IAP guidelines and manuals published as books Conference guidelines(2000), Immunization guide(1997-98), Polio eradication(2000 ) Adolescent health (2000) HIVAIDS(2001) , Common pediatric problems .
  • Held positions in IAP central office which few women have held: Also No woman has held these posts after the years mentioned: 1st and only AAA (1991-02), 3rd woman Treasurer (1993-04), 3rd Woman Secretary (1996-97), 7th woman President (2000- after 6th woman president in 1986).

  • Had opportunity to associate in various capacities with: WHO HQ Geneva, WHO SEARO, UNICEF, and UNFPA:
    • Member Technical Steering committee WHO HQ Geneva, Child and adolescent section (CAH) 2007-09.
    • Member HPV Vaccine Advisory committee WHO HQ Geneva 2008 and 2009-10.
    • Faculty in WHO OP Adolescent training program(2004-2007)
  • Worked in various capacities with professional organizations:
  • International Pediatric association -IPA
    • Executive officer – Program coordinator 2007-13. First person from IAP to have this position and in various other capacities (12 yrs : 2001-13 )
    • Represented SE Asia in IPA session at United Nations Summit -UNGASS meeting in New York 2002
  • International Association of Adolescent health -IAAH
    • Regional Vice President SE Asia and Middle East (8 yrs : 2009-17) First person from IAP to have this position
  • Society of Adolescent Health and Medicine SAHM
    • Member of the SAHM Publications Editorial Board from June 2019-21
    • Member of committee for writing position paper on e-cigarettes 2019
    • Member of Health Subcommittee- Alcohol and Drugs 2019-21
    • Member of proposed SIG group on International Adolescent health week
  • Asia Pacific Pediatric Associations APPA Previously called APSSEAR)
    • Joint secretary APSSEAR conference held in Delhi - India in 1994
    • Regional Advisor (4 yrs - 2000-03) Regional Advisor in 2000 .First and only woman pediatrician from IAP to have this honor
    • Associate editor Asian Oceana Journal of Pediatrics and child health (AOJPCH) 2001- 03. An official Journal of APSSEAR (Association of Pediatric societies of south East Asian regions.
    • Advisor APPA task force on NCD prevention (2016-18)
  • Asian Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases 0
    • Standing Committee member 2 yrs 1999-2000)
    • First person From IAP to have this position
  • American Academy of pediatrics –AAP
    • Special certification of work done as Chairperson of the first IAP AAP CME in Mumbai 2000
  • On Governing council on International professional bodies like NCD child, IPA Foundation

  • Life-time Achievement Award from IAP RCH Group and delivered the IAP RCH Oration-2018
  • Research paper Publications: International (1) Indian (32)
  • Awards for Research paper presented in conferences .International(1) National (21)
  • Research paper Presentations: - 134- International (56) Indian (78 )
  • In various subjects: General Pediatrics, Pulmonology, Immunization and Infectious diseases, Adolescent physical and mental health, Multicentre youth behavior studies, Awareness and prevention of NCD’s in children and youth

  • Edited books (23).
  • First text book of Adolescent Medicine in India (2006) is called Bhave’s text book 2nd ed published in 2016
  • Chapters in Books : International books (4) Indian books (136)
  • Articles in journals (40)
  • Editor /contributor in training manuals (21)

  • National conferences
    • Over last 40 years invited in many National, Regional, Local and Annual conferences of IAP, FOGSI, IMA and Family Physicians Associations.
    • On various topics : Adolescent Health( Life skill education , Depression and suicide , Parenting skills, Substance abuse etc) , Asthma, Child health and Environment, Computer and Medical Informatics, Clinical Pediatric pharmacology, Child Abuse, Disaster management, Growth and Development, Infections and Immunology, Lactation Management ,Neonatology, Vaccinations
  • International Conferences Chairperson /Speaker/panelist/invited guest (37)
    • Delivered lectures in many countries: Russia, China, Taipei, Shanghai, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, UAE-Sharjah, Hong Kong, Greece, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Hawaii, France, UK, USA.
    • Invited to Cuba ,Tehran, London, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Sicily, Bangle Dash


    Dr Swati Bhave has been working on NCD awareness and prevention (including Tobacco prevention) for the last many years and has been recognized for her personal contribution on both National and International front.
    She has started in civil society AACCI – Association of Adolescents and child care in India since 2007 whose mission is prevention of life style diseases working with children through parents and teachers .Her work on individual basis and through AACCI

  • Global Advisory council 2015-17 NCD child
  • International coordinator -IPA-AAP Global Tobacco prevention program (2009.-13)
  • Faculty in a Preconference two day workshop was held in Jan 2016 at Hyderabad at the APPA –IAP conference to train pediatricians as champions of NCD .It was hosted by the American Academy of Pediatrics and NCD child.
  • Advisor - APPA task force on Prevention of NCD ( 2016-18)
  • World Federation of NCD prevention: AACCI is an institutional member since 2017
  • HIA -Healthy India Alliance" for prevention and control of NCD’' in India.HIA is multidisciplinary CSO coalition in India has been formed in 2015 to strengthen NCD advocacy. - called ".The current Governing Board of the Alliance consists of 16 organizations AACCI is one of them. Through HIA AACCI has been participant in National and Regional civil society consultations and the first National NCD prevention conference, supported by GOI Ministry of health and WHO SEARO and WHO India in the years 2015-18
  • AACCI got an award as the Project of the Year for work on NCD awareness and prevention in Youth, 2018 by HFCI in Delhi Nov 2018

    09 : COMMUNITY AND SOCIAL WORK Advisory consultant /Advisory board / Governing council of various NGOS
  • Expressions India, New Delhi : Life skill education ( 2003 to date )
  • UVCT- Urvi Vikram Charitable Trust, New Delhi ( 2012 to date )
  • P.A.C.E -Prevent Addiction through Children Education .Anti-tobacco programs.
  • AACCI - Association for Adolescents and Child Care in India

    Executive Director AACCI -an NGO established in 2007 .On going Public education programs n community and workshops in schools and colleges for students teachers and parents from 2007 and ongoing .In many cities: Delhi, Pune, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Indore. Charity programs are done for schools in Slums and schools catering for poor population

    The Target groups have been
  • Teachers, Parents, from schools and colleges, Executive officers of Public and Private Sectors: Air India, ATC – Air traffic Control, Bird Hotel Group. Women Executives from BPCL. Rotary clubs. Students from Schools & college both UG and PG from various streams – Medical, Nursing, Engineering, Arts, Science, Commerce, vocational. Specially challenged children –Down ‘syndrome Disruptive children : ADHD and Conduct disorders
  • The various programs that are conducted are
  • 1 Parenting programs
  • 2 Life Skill education
  • 3 Holistic Physical and mental health
  • 4 Public Forums
  • Various shows for Public education in various TV Channels – ZEE TV, NDTV, DD Bharati
    Work with special category of children and adolescents
  • In collaboration with CIBS Nagpur 2009-10
    • 1 Life kill education for children who have ADHD
    • 2 Life skill education for children who have conduct disorders
  • In collaboration with Down’s Syndrome parent group Pune
    • Parenting specially challenged children
  • Inmates of Remand Home children, New Delhi
  • Invited by the Juvenile Justice Board to do a survey to suggest reforms
  • Did a 2 month projects with AACCI team and UVCT team in 2014

  • International advanced training program on adolescent health
  • Hosted by AACCI In collaboration with Western Michigan State University Homer Styker MD school of medicine and DY Patil University, at DY Patil medical College , Pune -3-7th October

  • Public education programs on Holistic well being from Pediatrics to Geriatrics. Workshops on: Life skills for adults ,Emotional management and relaxation techniques
  • Motivational speaker and workshops on stress management and Being happy for Corporates: Air India, ATC –air traffic control officers in Mumbai and New Delhi .Women executives for BPCL in Mumbai and Delhi, Bird group of hotels, and NGOS like Women’s Synergy etc.
  • Rotary clubs :lectures on Anger management
  • Parenting workshops for all socio-economic groups: Corporates to slums
  • Soft skills ( communications skills coping skills emotional management etc ) for Medical students in the UG and PG orientation programs of Grant medical College , Mumbai 2019 and BJ Medical college , Pune 2019