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Sourabh Vijaykumar Mane.

Age : 19 Years.
Date of Birth : 19/02/1997
Email ID : sourabh.mane@yahoo.co.in
Mobile No. : 08308758272
Address : Culture Crest, H-7, Spine Road, Near Spine city, New Moshi Pradhikaran, Spine Road, Pune - 411039

Qualifications :

• Pursuing Engineering in Computer Science - 2nd year in Maharashtra Institute of Technology College of Engineering, Pune under Savitribai Phule Pune University, Maharashtra, India.

• Passed 12th [C.B.S.E.] with A grade

• Passed 10th. [C.B.S.E.] with A grade (9.6/10 CGPA Points)

Curricular Achievements :

• Award Winning Exceptional Performance in - International Cyber Olympiad, National Rank 23,held by Science Olympiad Foundation(SOF)

• Secured Silver Medal in Scientifica Programme from Aakar Knowledge Solutions held at IIT (Indian Institute of Technologies) , Mumbai.

• Completed C ++ Programming with A Grade from Seed Infotech.

• Selected and participated in Annual Interschool Computer Competition by Cyber Genius, Software Exporter's Association of Pune (SEAP).

• Selected in National Talent Search Examination ,had Good Performance in it.

• Secured A Grade in Careerwise Online Quiz

• Awarded certificate of Appreciation by Dept.of Computer Sciences ,Maharashtra Institute of Technology College of Engineering, Pune

Extra Curricular :

• Black Belt in Karate from Kung Fu and Taikondo Marshal Arts Academy,Kung Fu Club,Pune - received gold,silver medals,prizes in karate competitions .

• Prizes in Chess competitions.

• Prizes in Running 100m,200m,400m and relay races

• Passed Intermediate Drawing Exam with B+ grade taken by Government of Maharashtra in 2010

• Actively participated in TESLA, Techfest of College through Digital Creativity Team in Sept.2016

Hobbies :

• Collecting Old Coins,

• Collecting Animal themed postal stamps,

• E-Sports

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