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AACCI Research Papers for 2017-2018  
The First World NCD Congress 2017 is being held in, PGIMER, Chandigarh
2nd -4th November 2017  
The following five research papers for AACCI have been accepted for presentation at this congress.  
1) Authors: Swati Y Bhave, Latika Bhalla, Sunita Manchanda, Varsha Mardhekar  
     Title : BMI & Self Esteem - A Multicentric Study  
     Theme : Health Promotion and Lifestyle Management  
     (Abstract no. AB00OP170 - Poster presentation)  
2) Authors: Latika Bhalla, Swati Y Bhave, S Agarkhedkar, Anuradha S  
     Title : Does Body Weight Affect Self Esteem? - A Study in Delhi Schools  
     Theme : Detection, Prevention, Control and Management of NCDs  
     (Abstract no. AB00OP265 - Poster presentation)  
3) Authors: Shailaja Mane, Swati Bhave, Sunita Manchanda, Paula Goel  
     Title : Is Self Esteem Low in High BMI - A Study in Gurgaon School  
     Theme : Mental Health  
     (Abstract no. AB00OP134 - Poster presentation)  
4) Authors: Manu Batta, Swati Y Bhave Shailaja Mane, and S Agarkhedkar  
     Title : Assessment of Knowledge of School - Students about Daily Intake of Salt,
                Sugars and Reading Food Labels on Packed Foods
     Theme : Detection, Prevention, Control and Management of NCDs  
     (Abstract no. AB00OP142 - poster presentation)  
5) Authors: Arjun M, Mane Shailaja, Bhave Swati Y, S Agarkhedkar  
     Title : Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle in school children & analysis of
                their Life style analysis: AACCI - NCD Workshop
     Theme : Health Promotion and Lifestyle Management  
     (Abstract no. AB00OP164 - Poster presentation)  
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