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News/Events For the Year 2010 - 2011
16 March Women's Day, BP Noida
7 Mar 2011
The Bharat Petroleum Noida Branch held a women's day celebration on 7th march .Dr Swati Bhave was invited to give a short workshop on anger management. She discussed issues related to middle aged woman and anger related to children, husband and in-laws .The workshop was well appreciated by the employees which belonged to both clerical and managerial cadre
15 PEDICON 11, Jaipur
8-22 Jan 2010
AACCI faculty presented 5 research papers in the Annual conference of the Indian Academy of paediatrics held in Jaipur ..The topics were 1) Smoking and alcohol in youth in Mumbai and Delhi, 2) Comparison of Exam Anxiety in school students of Jaipur and Gurgaon, 3) Multicentre survey on use of Electronic media in college Youth ,4) Multicentre survey of life style of college Youth .Details can be viewed in the research section
14 International conferences at RGNIYD, Sriperumdur Chennai
8-10 Dec 2010
Dr Swati Bhave was in invited to give a lecture in the plenary session on Innovative methods of life skill education .AACCI faculty in collaboration with DY Patil Medical college Pune and CIBS Nagpur presented six research papers . 1) Use of LSE workshops to screen the mental and physical status of participants for personal counseling and intervention strategies 2) Young people in PG professional courses will also benefit from LSE programs -experience of engineering students from Hyderabad 3) Impact of life skill education workshops on medical students 4) Experience of setting up a Life skill education project for first year medical students in pune DYPATIL Pune and AACCI project .5) Llife skill education for slum children a CIBS -AACCI project.6) Life skill education for specially challenged children- a CIBS -AACCI PROJECT. Details can be viewed in the research section
13 Lecture in cyber safety in a children's program, Mumbai
5 Dec 2010
Dr Swati Bhave gave a lecture on cybersafety for children at the Annual Zoroastrian Children's program in Mumbai .This is a annual get together of nearly 3000 children from, 5-18 yrs of age , many who come with parents. They are from all over India but majority from Maharashtra and Gujarat .There are competitions for the dance , music and skit programs. She also was one of the judges for this
Parenting program, Jaipur
29 Nov 2010
Dr Swati Bhave conducted a program for teachers and parents for understanding adolescence
11 IMA conference, Jaipur
28 Nov 2010
Dr Swati Bhave was invited at the Annual IMA conference held at Jaipur to share her experience of AACCI life skill education workshops conducted in school and college children
Maharashtra Paediatric conference, Kolhpur
20 Nov 2010
AACCI presented a paper on Anger expression in school and medical college students. . Details can be viewed in the section of research in this website.
ADOLCON conference, Gurgaon
13-14 Nov 2010
The Annual conference of the Adolescent chapter of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics was held
in Gurgaon Haryana. AACCI faculty presented 8 research papers and won 5 awards in various
categories .the topics were 1) Multicentric analysis of sleep habits of college students 2) Comparison of GHQ studies in school children 3) Peer pressure comparison of two schools in Gurgaon. 4) Preferred style of saying "no"- comparison of school and college students 5) Preliminary clinical screening for obesity and metabolic syndrome in first year medical college students in pune 6)Anger expression in school and college students correlated with the family pattern, and 7) Use of electronic media in first year medical college. Details can be viewed in the section of research in this website.
Music program, Pune
24 Sept 2010
Pune city has a doctors Orchestra called LETS ACT which conducts programs to generate
funds for cancer patients .They also conduct theme programs where they give health
messages in-between the songs that are related to the health theme .They planned to conduct
a anti-tobacco program and invited Dr Swati Bhave participate and give health .Thus was a
very successful program and have over 1000 audience
Orientations to Life skills, Delhi
12 Aug 2010
Dr Sangeeta Yadav core Faculty gave a lecture on Orientation to Life skills to the first year
Medical college students of MAMC ( Maulana Azad Medical College )
Tata Institute of Fundamental research (TIFR )Mumbai
15 Oct 2010
Dr Agarkar Dr Swati Bhave Dr Sandhya
Dr Sandhya giving intro speech
  Program for awareness of parenting in adolescence 3-6 pm
This was organised by the Head of the Public Health Clinic Dr Agarkar and Dr Sandya
There were around 30 participants which includes the doctors and nurses of the clinic and some staff members
The topics discussed were
1 challenges of parenting in the new millennium
2 Understanding adolescent brain development
3 Common problems of adolescence 
Dr Agarkar gave a welcome speech
Dr Sandya gave an introductory lecture on issues of adolescence
Copies of AACCI FAQs for parents and Teen tips were bought by some participants
TIFR Adolescent Orentation Program

MAMC Maulana Azad Medical College , New Delhi
04 Sep 2010
Swati Bhave Session
Role Play
  In August 2010 Dr Sangeeta Yadav core Faculty gave a lecture on Orientation to Life skills to the first year Medical college students of MAMC

On 4th Sep a session on understanding dolescence and coping with Emotions was taken for the students. Nearly 100 students attended The students really enjoyed the sessions A number of questionnaires were given to the students to fill anger expression , exam anxiety , General Health Quotient etc .These are being analysed
Group Photo

Orientation Program Gurgaon Haryana State
20 Jul 2010
Gurgaon Program Faculty Dr Swati Bhave Alka Saxena
Orientation Program for IX X XI XII std was held at Blue bell school Gurgaon
It was attended by 300 students
Faculty was Dr Swati Y Bhave and Dr Alka Saxena
Topics discussed were Understanding adolescence
Communicating skills
The participants were given various questionnaires to fill like peer pressure, anger expression ,
examination anxiety , general health quotient etc
These will be analysed and presented at various forthcoming conference

AACCI started a new centre at Jaipur in the month of June 2010
29 Jun 2010

Jaipur Master Trainer


Jaipur Parentign Program

The Jaipur co-ordinator will be Dr Raj Bhandari and we will collaborate with Principal Neera Mathur of the SMS school Jaipur

JUNE 28th 2010

Parenting program held at the JMA ( Jaipur Medical Association )
1 Challenges of parenting in the New Millennium
2 Understanding Adolescent behaviour

JUNE 29th & 30th 2010
Life skill education (LSE) for 9th -12th std students of SMS school ( Sawai Man Singh)
Jaipur and on hand training for teachers in LSE
Parenting program held at the SMS school ( Sawai Man Singh) Jaipur

JUNE 30th 2010
Parenting program held at the SMS school ( Sawai Man Singh) Jaipur

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