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Dr Swati Yashwant Bhave is an Internationally known Pediatrician and Teen specialist

She is the Executive Director of AACCI (Association of Adolescent and Child care in India (www.aacci.in)& At present she is working as Adolescent Pediatrics consultant and Head of Adolescent Clinic at Jahangir Hospital Pune.

She is originally from Mumbai but had gone to Delhi from 2001- 2014 Due to her Husband’s posting and worked Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi from 2002 to 2014.

She has now relocated back to Pune and Mumbai.

She was Professor of Pediatrics in BJ Medical in 1989-91 and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Grant Medical college Mumbai.

She was senior consultant and PG teacher in Bombay Hospital & MRC 1991-2001.

She trained in Medical Informatics in Harvard Medical School and MGH Boston, USA in 1989-90.and in adolescent medicine in 2001.She has also taken training in USA on Lactation management (1996) managing disaster situations (2001) Adolescent Medicine in 2001 & 2008.

She was the President of the all India Association of Pediatricians IAP in 2000. The only woman President in last 30 years.

She was office bearer in IPA- International Pediatric Associations and was also on WHO committees of Child and Adolescent health.

She is currently Regional Vice President and on the council of IAAH - International Association of Adolescent health.

She has won many awards both for academics and extracurricular activities and written more than 25 books both for doctors and lay public. Her English book on Anger management by SAGE Publications has been translated into Hindi and Tamil. And now under 2nd edition Her NDTV book on Adolescent the wonder years by Byward publications has been translated into Hindi, Telgu, Tamil Bangla In the last 10 yrs. she has conducted a large number of workshops for parents, teachers, students both from school and college in many cities of India through her NGO.

She has also published and presented research surveys done on the participants of the workshops. She is a master in parenting training programs and teaching skills of dealing with teenagers and youth.

She is unique that she has combined her medical knowledge with mental health issues and empowered herself by be trained in NLP, - Neuro Linguistic Programing, Brahmakumari Rajyoga, mind power and other training programs to customize holistic health packages for lay public of all ages pediatrics to Geriatrics. She does programs for corporates on stress management.