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Our Activity - Collaborations For the Year 2016 - 2017

French Adol Society




French Association of Adolescent Health

Name of the project :
Teen healthy-Go! How to build an effective partnership between young people and professionals in training programs

Description of the project :
In order to comply with WHO recommendations, adolescent medicine must change its practices and take into account adolescents' views to better understand and answer their specific needs. Our pluridisciplinary team is made up of representatives of several professions aiming at more active participation by youth in discussions on their own wellbeing and health, as well as on the training of adolescence specialists who must open up to wider horizontal partnerships with young people.

This team was set up after the International Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH) Congress in Istanbul in 2013 inspired by the Youth Forum. The team became larger and gained additional experience at various events that were subsequently organized : Youth Forum at the IAAH Congress in Paris 2014, a workshop for the IAAH Congress in Lisbon 2015 : "Pas de deux - Teenagers and health professionals, learning from one another. A different approach to training in adolescent health education", and at several seminars and conferences. All events were co-moderated by young people together with professionals and have been supported since the inception by SFSA (French Association for Adolescent Health).

The current project is being developed taking advantage of this momentum. The idea is to organize a workshop for the 11th World Congress on Adolescent Health (IAAH) Investing in Adolescent Health - the Future is Now, 26-29 October, 2017 New Delhi, India: Teen healthyGo!: How to build an effective partnership between young people and professionals in training programs.



Healthy India Alliance

A global NCD Alliance (led by 7 International NGO Federations ) and WHO South East Asia Regional office convened a Consultation of Civil Society Organisations ( CSO'S) from the region in July 2015 to Deliberate on priorities and strategies to advance NCD prevention and control in the Region and the role that CSO's can play in this Sphere . AACCI was invited to this meeting and was represented by the Executive Director Dr Swati Y Bhave. Please report in news and event section . (http://www.aacci.in/news_2015-16.html)

As a follow up to this SEAR CSO consultation the NCD alliance convened a Indian Civil Society Round table to deliberate on a collaborative CSO response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) for setting up a multidisciplinary CSO coalition in India to strengthen NCD advocacy . An ad hic committee of organisations working on NCD issues responded to the RFP and volunteered to form the "Healthy India Alliance" for prevention and control of NCD’' in India. The current Governing Board of the Alliance consists of 16 organisations AACCI is one of them. (Click Here to download the brochure for more details.)

The first National consultative meeting CSO's was held in New Delhi on 25-27th April. AACCI held a workshop on NCD in children and Young People along with HRIDAY. ( Click Here to see Agenda )

Report on (http://aacci.in/News.html)


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