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Teen Tips
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Teen Tips    </title> Teen Tips
Dr. Swati Y. Bhave, an internationally known pediatrician of 30 yrs of experience, has been working exclusively on adolescent health for last 8 yrs. and Dr. Anuradha Sovani a clinical psychologist is handling teenagers with problems for last 10 yrs. They have contributed and edited this booklet. This is the first volume and we have put the list of the topics for forthcoming issues inside the cover. A lot of effort has gone into finalizing the questions and contents. But ultimately this book is for YOU ie. TEENS and unless you all like it and find it useful their efforts will be in vain. They would be delighted to have a critical feed back from YOU, after you have finished reading this book. How did you find this book? Any suggestions for improving the format? What topics you would like to be included in the forthcoming issues? AACCI is soon planning to have a website where you can post any questions you like and we will have a panel of experts answer it. Till then you can send your feedback and questions at the Email id: aacciindia@gmail.com AACCI plans to conduct workshops on a large number issues which are important for teens. See our Webpage: www.aacci.in
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FAQs' – For Parents to Teenagers    </title> FAQs' For Parents to Teenagers
When your children were young, you thought they would grow up and your worries would be over. But as they grew up and become teens, the problems seemed to grow with them! Suddenly, the sweet affectionate child you had at home grew into a rowdy rabble rouser, or a sulky, moody individual you could no longer speak to. Rational discussions seemed to be a thing of the past. Every morning brought with a new set of quarrels, disagreements and demands. Do all "teen - parents" face these problems? How come some seem to share a really cordial relationship? The editor, Dr. Swati Bhave has fielded many queries and anxieties of parents of children and adolescents, over her 30 years of practice as a pediatrician and 8 years as teen specialist. The joint editor Dr. Anuradha Sovani, clinical psychologist with 10 year of practice has worked with many adolescents and their families trying to help them resolve their problems. This book brings you suggestions, solutions and fresh view points in a easy to read FAQs' format. We are planning come out with more FAQs' volumes. Your feed back and suggestion will be highly appreciated. Contact: aacciindia@gmail.com
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Life Skill Education for College Students    </title> Life Skill Education for College Students
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Teen Tips    </title> Teen Tips
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