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International Association of Adolescent health -11thWorld  congress
Oct 27 - 29, 2017
Hotel Pullman, Aerocity, New Delhi

AACCI youth wing delegates in the congress were appreciated and recognised by world adoelscent experts

  1. Ninad Halgekar was selected as a youth delegate for a role play by Dr. Pierre  Andre from Pais who was a Chairman of Scientific committe of IAAH World Congress and a Course director of EuTeach a adolescent teaching program from Switzerland
    Ninad did a role play in the a pre conference Youth Skills Building workshop - Skills for Communicating with and Counselling Adolescents which was held on Thursday,26th November 2017.His role play was very well appreciated by all the delegated in the workshop.
  1. An open interview of all young people was taken by media partners of the congress which was uploaded on the twitter handle of the conference immediately on Saturday, 28th November 2017.
  1. Sourabh Mane was selected as a youth delegate by Dr. Michael Rich ,Director, Centre on Media & Child Health by Harvard Medical School, Boston.
    Sourabh was invited to participate in a plenary "Symposium on Social Media, Sexting, Addiction, Oh My! Adolescent Health in Digital Age " which was held on Sunday,29th November 2017 in Peacock Ball Room of Hotel Pullman.
    He gave a presentation during an interactive session with Dr. Michael which was very well appreciated by all .More than 1200 adolescent health professionals from 65 countries in the world attended this session. Many of them appreciated Sourabh by meeting and greeting him personally after the session.
  1. Video of an interview of young people by media was shown at the beginning of Closing Ceremony on Sunday ,29th November 2017 at 3.30 pm in Peacock Ballroom.
  1. The Indian Academy of Pediatrics ,Delhi Branch had organised an Interactive Discussion on Partnerships for Adolescent  Health in India on 29th October 2017 in Hotel Pride Plaza, Aerocity, New Delhi for Adolescent stake holders.
    a) Dr. Swati Bhave  was invited as a panellist along with other experts from IAAH , WHO etc
    b) Dr.Shailaja Mane had given short summary of INDO-FRENCH Partnership of Young people for Teen Healthy Go Workshop.
    c) All young people along with faculties from IAAH officials and France were special invitees where everyone had an opportunity to interact with international professionals.


International Association of Adolescent health -11thWorld  congress
Oct 26 - 29, 2017
Hotel Pullman, Aerocity, New Delhi
A preconference IAAH skill building youth workshop was organised  by the French adolescent society in partner ship with AACCI " Teen Go - How to Build an Effective Partnership between Young People and Professionals in Training Programmes "

This was an an innovative workshop lead by Dr. Mariana Marine and team from Paris, France. Indo -French team of Young People was guided by professionals from France and India.

The workshop was held in two phases : Part I in Paris in July 17 and Part II as preconference event in the IAAH congress

Part I : The following member of AACCI Pune and AACCI Youth wing attended this work shop in Paris
  • Dr Shailaja Mane AACCI Pune Co-ordinator was a facilitator
  • Mrs Savita Itkarkar ,Assist. Professor,Bharati Vidyappeth Women’s Engineering College, Pune was a Co-facilitator
  • AACCI  Youth Wing: Sourabh Mane, Coordinator, Priyanka Lakhwani, Assistant Coordinator and  members : Isha Tambolkar,Anjali Gaikwad,Anmol Itkarkar, Shrujan Madipella, Ninad Halgekar and Shrushti Halgekar actively participated as co facilitators in the workshop.
In the second part of the workshop held on 26th October .

More than 63 adolescent Health professionals  participated actively in this workshop
The following members of AACCI attended this workshop

Dr.Swati Bhave Executive Director AACCI and ,Dr.Paula Goel AACCI Mumbai Co-ordinator Dr.Latika Bhalla, AACCI Delhi Co-ordinator Dr.Sunita Manchanda Jt Co-ordinator Delhi Dr.Sampada Tambolkar and Dr.Vidya Gaikwad core faculty from AACCI Pune  
Dr.Swati Bhave and Dr. Paula Goel actively participated in the role plays of counselling in adolescents.

This workshop was a innovative way of learning from young people for professionals. All attendess appreciated this workshop.

AACCI Team in Paris
July 5 - 14, 2017
AACCI Youth team in Paris
French Society of Adolescent Health organized a "Skills Building Workshop " by International
Association of Adolescent Health(IAAH) - "Teen healthy - Go! How to build an effective
partnership between young people and professionals in training programs". The first part of the workshop was held at Mandres les Roses, Paris-France . It is the precursor tothe skill building workshop to be held at Delhi on 26th October 2017 as Pre congress event for the 11th World Congress on Adolescent Health by IAAH to be held in New Delhi 27to 30 October 2017.
During Workshop   Faculty Dinner by IAAH Officials in France
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TEEN HEALTHY GO! Workshop at Paris
July 5, 2017
AACCI Youth team reaches Paris
French Society of Adolescent Health organized a "Skills Building Workshop,"workshop in Paris which is the precursor to the IAAH skill building workshop to be held at Delhi on 26th October 2017 as Pre congress event for the IAAH world Congress to be held in New Delhi 27to 30 October 2017.
Total eight members of AACCI youth wing (Isha Tambolkar, Anjali Gaikwad, Anmol Itkarkar,
Ninad Halgekar, Sourabh Mane, Priyanka Lakhwani, Shrushti Halgekar, and Shrujan Mullapudi) Lead by Dr Shailaja Mane, AACCI- Pune Coordinator as a Co-Facilitator for Workshop and Mrs Savita Itkarkar as chaperone reached Paris.

At The Mumbai Airport   At Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris
Traveling from Airport Welcome dinner at Victor Hugo College, Paris    
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